In 2010, we joked about the Pride Parade being the secret purpose of the sinister George Soros conspiracy. We actually said this to make fun of Glenn Beck. It was right before all the money flooded into "trans" politics. Now the Pride Parade is actually the secret purpose of the sinister George Soros conspiracy theory. "Stop caping for fetish freaks before you make Glenn Beck look sane," I told Dems. And here we are.

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Wow Theo...I'm impressed! Thank you for adeptly explaining the subjugation of all the legacy groups (gay, lesbian, racial minorities, feminists, and even old school libs), by this new woke/queer/trans cultist movement. I think you are only missing one part and I will link to it below my comment. If you have covered it previously, disregard.

I also want to say thank you for making the connection to the sexualization, grooming and predation of the kids. It is my premise, that this new queer/trans mania, is the ideological spring board for the next push - to normalize, mainstream and legislatively legitimize pedophilia. This is a strategy, far above the kids who are being captured in schools or the crazies on the streets. It is understood and organized by it's leaders and thinkers. We've already seen a Bill proposed, in a state legislature that would have opened the door, to place pedophilia among other protected "sexual orientations". People...especially parents, have to start waking to this now. This is all linked.

So here is the links, I think fit in your logical chain well. The movement is a political act of rebellion against capitalism. Karlyn Borysenko, did a great job breaking this down, using their own videos and presentations. Here are the links to her Substacks. The second one is her video breakdown, which I recommend.



Thanks for being in this fight!

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UGH! I forgot its almost June. I'm an OG gay. I'll be hiding out in rural Michigan yet one still sees BLM and Pride propaganda everywhere (too close to Traverse City). Haven't been to a Pride event in over a quarter of a century, and even then, I was using it mainly as a social conduit, not a political statement.

Hopefully corporate sponsors are more cautious after the Bud light blowback!

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Trans is the logical consequence of feminism and gay. You don't get to disavow it now.

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