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Via very careful and well throughout planning done over generations. Most humans are incapable of thinking long-term let alone multi-generational long-term so the idea that a plan would spread multiple generations is unfathomable to most. The worlds most welathy and powerful families decided on Jeckyl island as to how America would be captured, infiltrated, turned and then lead to a reset of society. They, those gathered, firmly believed that the planet and human kind were at stake if they did nothing; that humanity if left to its own devises would self-destruct because the average human is incapable of self governance. All must be lead by the elite few who are superior to normal human beings and yes they believe this.

Separate from these you also have psychopaths and sociopaths who are just along for the ride and the power. The elite are highly intelligent and must never be under estimated; they are not the James Bond Mustache twirling villains portrayed in fiction. One must respect thy enemy else risk being defeated. To that end never doubt the reach or depth of what these people can do. Know thy enemy as well as thy self.

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