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One of my favorite people. Americans are done with this shit.

If Gonzo Lira is actually dead, our government is done. They let an American citizen die in half assed Ukraine. Because he was a goofball who didn't agree with them.

Weird times.

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Nobody but me (apparently) has noticed the interesting splits Oct. 7 has caused: a split in the Left, where the Mainstream Left tilts pro-Israel, and a Fringe Left maintains its traditional anti-Israel stance. Meanwhile, in the Alt-Sphere (that area of social media reflecting a growing anti-Mainstream awakening catalyzed by the Covid Psy-Op), the split seems similar: the majority of Alt-Pundits & their Followers are pro-Israel (glibly conflating Hamas with civilians), a minority are dismayed by the Israeli bombing of thousands of civilians with no end in sight. The most remarkable feature of this, perhaps, is how both sides of both groups never mention how their other side disagrees so profoundly. Weird.

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I tuned in to a portion of this on X, and I retweeted it before realizing the complete "reading" was available here. It had been quite a while since I had the experience of being read to, and following along with Theo's voice in my ear was truly delightful. His distinctive emphasis on words elevated the logical depth of the reading, imprinting it more profoundly in my mind.

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Theo, I have recently liberated my fat. I mean, ozempic!

I'll be back.

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