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I listened to Rogan with Bill Maher this week and I was astounded at his ability to simultaneously start to wake up to some things but then decry that three Trump presidency was something that had to be "survived... barely". The damage the media wrought upon the intellectually incurious is so pervasive that it will be impossible to overcome for many.

I hope that the crazier it gets, the more people will begin to wake up. The powers have been waving a shiny object to distract the masses for so long. People have become addicted to their complacency.

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Long read, but worth the time

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Glad you decided to publish. These insights are discussed daily in parking lots, checkout lines, and dinner tables. With the shelf life of false information now measured in hours, tactics pivoted to confusion, dilution, and general vanguardism.

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This is a good article as always. However, need to point something out:

"My point being, every criticism of the left cannot be responded to with something about the right"

I get what you are saying, but they are the same apparatus. The left needs their enemy. So does the right... this is how the dialectic works. The right from a meta perspective is the controlled opposition which has swallowed legitimate dissent. Previously it has been the left who was the controlled opposition.. it is fluid. ( early 00s)The system currently uses the right to frame its opposition to the left in the way they desire, which is never a threat to the establishment. Nowhere on the right is anyone actually working to counter this agenda and that includes DeSantis all his free state of Florida propaganda.. just silly. I digress

As far as coming to a precipice, that is being managed as well. I do not know what will happen of course,, but whatever happens will be organized just like Jan 6th, taking down and criminalizing everything with it, including legitimate dissent. ( the house just voted to equate anti-zionism with anti- Semitic with massie the lone no.) The event will be like that on steroids as they are doing globally, essentially criminalizing dissent. Quite a number of bills are pending that could make public what they already do privately . ( domestic terrorism threat reduction act among others..)

The republic is gone. Politically, "both" sides are managed. Trump, Elon and all of the others they put on TV are also part of the Kayfabe. Acceptable opinion is framed as is acceptable dissent just like Chomsky spoke of.

You said there are still millions, perhaps just thousands who buy into this..

Man... I wish. Apathy polices the populace, and that army is hundreds of millions strong in the US. Billions worldwide.

The battle is over. New strategies must emerge. To be clear, the house of cards is not crumbling.. it is just folding and funneling us into the next phase.

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