Theo, I'm glad someone is taking a serious look at this social-political-philosophical-phenomenon. I just looked at your 20-yr graph, 2000-2021, and injected the generational changes, the passing of the Greatest Generation (1928-'45) to mine, Boomers (46-1964) to my kids GenX (1965-1980), Millennials (81-1996) and Gen Z 1999-2012, who are just now showing up at my favorite observation venue, the YMCA, the exercise floor, and shower room. (Carry a note pad.) The start of the watch is watching the 15-30 yrs olds take 5 minutes just to walk past the big mirror that leads to the showers. Just keep your note pad handy. The older guys are all retired professionals and factory workers, White, Black, Latino, Middle Eastern and Indian.

; the subject matter Labor, Management, Religion (the Black Hebrews especially informative...I've donated several books)...and this is just second shift, 8-11 AM. The early morning shift different from the retirees shift, but the basketball leagues (10AM-8PM) a cross-section of race and education, but largely black. Like I said, carry a note pad, but of late, I've been noticing the GenZ;s now into their 20s. ...not very communicative w/their elders, and not the least bit interested in the 'been there, done-that' generations before them. About these and Millennials, I worry.

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