"Americans have a very short memory. America has a relatively short history."

This is very easy to achieve when you've caotured the publicly funded eductaion system and have implimented a dumbing-down policy.

These 2 very alarming trends today;

1) College stuents who graduate better trained to be actvist for collectvist governancne then whatever their degree is in

2) A lot of very stupid people are gong to college today and that includes a lot of women who are there solely b/c women and other groups recieve preferntial treatment. Watched several onteh street interviews of collge kids and it's always the same, the women are asked basic questons that my 13 year old knows (she's homeschooled) but that bewilders these female college students but which also are more often correctly answered by the malestudents especially ifthey are normal looking males. Questions like what is the capital of America or what's the name of teh ocean on teh east coast; realbrain teasers.

Iwe normal men don't come together to put an end to this society will collpase under the weight of incompetence

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First of all, BLM protests compared to armed militia protests at the capitols..apples and oranges. None of your protected liberties were violated, your due process wasn’t violated. We don’t have red states and blue states. You don’t look at all at the massive funding coming into the right and how their decisions are formed, and it isn’t for “ individual liberty.” It’s for corporate and state power. Low taxes and regulations for the wealthy. You are revolutionizing to be serfs, and you are to blind by culture wars to see who’s really in control! It sure isn’t the teachers union! You think they have billions of dollars?

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The Federals System was meant to be an arbitrator for disputes between teh states, a manager of National level like management of the nations currency and maybe a few other lesser things but that was basically it. The Federal System has grown through care incremental steps in which some new power is acquired thru the marketing of an actual good thing that is later on expanded to do more because the expansion can be done by the bureaucrats, who are also owned by wealthy interests just as many politicians are, once the legislation is passed. This wasn't something done quickly but a multi-generational plan to re-capture control of the masses.

When the wealthy elite of the time lost their power they realized that they needed a new solution to recapturing power. In the past this was done via war & conflict but the elite realized this was always a short term solution for eventually the people would rebel. They knew that the people had to be made peasants and land serfs willingly in order to create long term control. The elite vowed to do anything to regain control and in the 1800 they came up with a multi-generational plan to do just that. Before then their focus was on getting control of as many elected officials and bureaucrats in the system so it could be expanded. Next was taking control of the currency which they ran into resistance from Andrew Jackson who called them a pit of vipers; these wealthy elites. These elites at that time were often of royalty but later on their group was expanded to include industrialists and other wealth achievers who also believed that the masses should not be allowed to self-govern. The blue bloods, those whose money was old money, weren't happy about bringing in outsiders but they needed the influence and money these people had; to serve as their economic foot soldiers. Once they were able to establish the Federal Reserve it was all downhill from there for he who controls a nations currency controls the nation.

Next was to capture education; every child in America need to be educated but only so far as to be proper factory workers for the wealthy elite. They did not want these peasant acquiring too much knowledge and possibly starting another revolution. The "deliberate dumbing down of America" as detailed in a book of teh same name by Charlotte Iserbyt, was their plan for making sure all Americans were just smart enough to function as slaves and to not question authority. This worked some but Americans were just too stubborn so the public education system started indoctrinating kids instead of education them. Initially it was done lightly so as to not raise any alarms. The key to this and everything else was to do it such that it wasn't noticed by the masses. Their control of the media insured that any warnings or concerns raised abut this were minimized by attributing them to teh ravings of some mad man and sadly that worked at least for a while.

Starting with the Millennials it was decided to amp up the indoctrination process because they were behind schedule. Trump was a major road block to the plan and he even set them back by as much as 10 years with much of what he did primarily with various agreements made by prior administrations. Once Trump got in and Brexiters won their fight the elite dropped all p0retense of being stealthy, operating in teh dark , and turned everything up to max. You could see this with teh news media that seemed to loose its mind over night, dropping any pretense of being an institution that reported the news to one that was a propaganda machine for the political Left in America. Within public education the same changes were made and now that Millennials have entered the workforce we can see just how well that indoctrination worked. The clown world non-sense so many go along with and or even help promote today is proof of that.

Sadly the GenXer's and perhaps the first few years of Millennials were the last group of kids to make it thru the public education system with only minimal indoctrination. They made us fearful of the ozone layer being destroyed and they started ion Climate change as I was in my last years at highschool but it wasn't until the Millennials that they stopped trying to convince students of these things and focused on programming it into the kids so they were incapable of independent thought, creating teh perfect activists for collectivist governance.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox now.

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