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Howdy, Strangers!

Gender theory and transactivism: It fails at the first step

Caught red-handed! Grotesque deception from our own Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Did you know leftist radicals with ties to Antifa have another lawless zone outside of Atlanta, have been arrested for domestic terrorism there, attacking police for months and today shot one?

"Covid Isn’t Going Away. New Drugs Are Coming."

"Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?!?"

"We should tend to our children like we tend to a garden, offering support & nourishment & letting them take whatever shape they'll take. We're not building chairs."

If you walked up to a coworker and asked them if they are sexually aroused by penises, vaginas or both, what would happen? Would this be considered an OK question to ask in your work environment?

It's January 17th of 2023 and the American Medical Association is calling our children "great little vectors" for disease

Fear Porn Specialist and More-Needles-In-All Fanatic, Dr. Leana Wen, makes a shocking announcement!

The whittling of gender dysphoria in the DSM-5

TL;DR: We don't want to admit that the COVID shots are a therapeutic, so we'll change the common understanding of all vaccines instead

It's quite revealing which stories get such little coverage... while others smother our media

"When innocent people are being killed by a corrupt organisation and system, for pure monetary gain, I can't stand by and be part of this anymore."

I'm ready for this entire mindset to cannibalize and destroy itself

"It says a lot about the modern left that they are annoyed by the ideal that people should not be judged -- legally and societally -- by their immutable qualities, but rather by their deeds."

These signs are hanging in the streets of our nation's capitol. How could that be and why is that acceptable?

It took 7 years, but the drug-like haze of TDS is finally wearing off

"Killing the chicken to scare the monkey"

"But it really doesn't matter with me now... because I've been the mountaintop!"

Your speculation is "cruel and false", only ours is allowed

Meet Emily Drabinski: Self-Professed Marxist and President-Elect of The American Library Association

"It all rode in on the back of feminism"

Read these two news articles and ask yourself, what objective are they serving?

DeSantis notches another W, this time against the NHL

The coming collision; the impending implosion

Thoughts on this safety signal announced by the CDC

The GOP's Anti-IRS Bill Is Entirely Justified, by Noah Rothman

"cRiTicAl rAcE tHEoRy iS nOt iN gRaDEsChOols!"

"I will happily talk about masturbation with your autistic child. I've done it with many autistic children. It brings me a lot of joy."

When our information environment is intentionally corrupted, the entire thing becomes a poisoned well

You call it a "conspiracy theory" and command we all look away, yet it's right there in front of us

Interesting analysis on social contagion and the inorganic fraud of defunding the police from Wesley Yang

Notice how different the language/tone is of media pieces discussing Damar Hamlin today vs those last week

Possibly the greatest self-own in Twitter history

What does it look like to see Joe Biden crumble? It looks like this video clip...

The blueprint for leftist revolution

If a single photo could sum up our "culture war", this might be it...

The danger of ESG, right in your face!

New Twitter Files just dropped: THE RUSSIAGATE LIES

The Truman Show begins its massage of the Hunter Biden story as they know the truth (which our media and government worked in tandem to hide) is about to come out

The cover-up propaganda for known heart complications from mRNA shots is just relentless! And it's despicable.

They always knew the COVID shots had heart implications, and that the impact would be significant at a population-scale. They just didn't want YOU to know that too.

Per the sycophants at WaPo, it is not radical and pretextual climate agenda pushed by Team Biden that has caused debate, it is merely because Republicans pounced!

Once again, reality can't square with the Fear Porn. Climate-flavored this time.

Andy Slavitt has been one of the dirtiest players throughout this all

"New batch"

Congress is like a middle-school cafeteria for adults

Whoa! What's this? Dr. Offit, Time Magazine and Yahoo change course on "boosters for all!"

Social media as an incubator of personality and behavioral psychopathology: Symptom and disorder authenticity or psychosomatic social contagion?

The first Church Committee revealed MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, Operations Mockingbird and Shamrock. What will this next one find?

What's the best way to avoid facing substance? Attack the speaker.

Moderna hid bad (negative) data on transmission from the FDA in their bivalent booster approval

American Heart Association finds relationship between floating spike proteins from the COVID shots and myocarditis

After deceiving us for two straight years, now The Machine tells us it's dangerous to discuss the truth

Propaganda 101 from the mouth of Trudeau

Vice News: manufacturing fake issues to keep Americans brainwashed and angry

Gas stoves are evil! New memo goes out and the minions immediately fall in line

Legacy media commits ethical seppuku en masse and now wonders why rational Americans no longer care about them

More on myocarditis

What I miss about Twitter

What science underlies proof of the bivalent booster's efficacy (which was approved as EUA and is being mandated on healthy people post-infection)? You may be surprised to learn very little at all.

There is no critical theory-driven revolution occurring. Cultural Marxism is nothing but a "wholly disproven conspiracy theory"... and it's antisemitic to even talk about it.

"The [Biden top-secret] documents were discovered on November 2, just six days before the midterm elections, but the matter only became public Monday due to news reports."

We have reached the point our insane media is commanding citizens to tell their DOCTORS to mask up

Columbia professor and NYT writer, Zeynep Tufekci, commits reputational seppuku instead of accepting the reality before her

Deep Dive into the Great Reset and the Modern Left

I wish this video wasn't real...

Why won't China deploy mRNA needles?

Twitter Files: Alex Berenson exposes Pfizer lackey Scott Gottlieb

How DEI Is Supplanting Truth as the Mission of American Universities

Aesthetic diversity, a Harvard special

CNN goes full Pravda again

Mark Joseph Stern, walking on eggshells

If America is such a cesspool of oppression and racism like so many on the left and within our media eagerly paint, why do so many want to move here?

A Twilight Zone-twist in the "confidential documents"-saga

They want to take Jordan Peterson's license due to "harmful conduct", while systematically working to push actual harmful conduct on Canadian children

The Walking Pfizer Fraud known as Scott Gottlieb fires back at Twitter Files for revealing how corrupt he is... and misses terribly

Twitter Files: Alex Berenson's turn at the plate!

The Truman Show manufactured Russiagate, used and abused Russiagate, and now 6 years later admits it was all a fraud

MSNBC's take on the Twitter Files: "Taibbi and Greenwald are authoritarians"

If you trust Lancet at this point, you are a fool

Leg-lengthening surgery, because we are sick as a people

The Daily Beast feeds The Machine

CNN: Top general pushing CRT and "white rage" is a good thing... Americans taking issue with this ideological nonsense in our military's upper-brass is "very damaging to the health of the republic"

Understanding Psychopathy | with Jon Uhler, LPC

When it comes to the border crisis, the DNC spends more energy on photo ops than actually addressing the problem

@drrollergator's suspension is even worse than mine

Bivalent booster helps only the elderly... but Reuters (see: Pfizer) doesn't want you to know that.

People like Mychal Denzel Smith no longer operate in reality... while writing for outlets like The Atlantic.

The current state of Scientific American

More evidence of direct commands from The White House on social-media to push vaccines and silence all dissent and questioning

Jimmy Fallon becomes the latest to sacrifice his soul live on stage

The suppression machine strikes at Clint Russell and his Liberty Lockdown show

The Structural Memetics of Masks, by Chuck Pezeshki

News or opinion? You tell me.

Over $30 million per year spent on DEI staff at Ohio State and Michigan

Fauci lies openly on TV - watch this clip

The known but intentionally-buried risk of myocarditis

This comment from Christopher Blum strikes to my core

All Things COVID

WTF happened in 1971?

Breaking down propaganda: This needle-pushing operation is filthy!

All dissent is authoritarianism, by Frida Ghitis (CNN)

More disgusting propaganda from the WHO

Get the popcorn ready! Alex Berenson joins Twitter Files

China to build 150 new nuclear power plants, while our Climate Quixote Czars in the west fight against the same

Nature Journal claims to not know what's wrong with science... Eric Weinstein puts them in their place.

NYT laying cover for COVID failures

There is no indoctrination, they said

Wilfred Reilly destroys Paul Ehrlich in two tweets

Leftist ideologues continue their takeover of the federal government

The Truman Show continues pouring on support for "Gender Queer" in schools

A goddess of The Identity Cult is angry Florida won't allow leftist indoctrination in our school-system

If you're ok with this, you're a bad person

COMING SOON: Global digital vaccine passport

A $7.5 billion medical giant pushes gender transition on children to turn more bucks

How dumb do you have to be to think this is about climate change?

You thought SBF's $40M in DNC donations was a big deal? Peanuts.

My plans from here

Gender rant

A real-world look at seeding the minds of other people's children

We are nearing a full implosion on the COVID front

Global Citizenship Education: The quest to capture our youngest minds evolves

An abomination from USA Today!

Some thoughts after today's Twitter Files

This can't continue